Who's on First

William F. Buckley Jr. [5 years ago]

Who's on First Book CoverInstant download Who's on First - William F. Buckley Jr. Full (PDF, ePub, Mobi), In this New York Times bestseller, a CIA agent is trapped in Budapest between KGB spies and Hungarian freedom fighters while trying to stop Sputnik.

The students of Budapest rise up against the Soviets with the assurance that the West will help them fight. Instead, 200 Russian tanks roll across the Hungarian border, sweeping the resistance aside. It’s a heartbreaking setback for democracy in Eastern Europe—and a pain in the neck for Blackford Oakes. Trapped in Budapest when the fighting breaks out, this warm-hearted cold warrior must think quickly to stay ahead of the troops. But as the revolution collapses around him, he finds the Red Army is the least of his worries.
American intelligence has received word that the Soviets are planning to launch a satellite into space—a move that could shift the entire Cold War in their favor. It’s up to Oakes to stop them, and help the United States make its first steps toward the stars.
Who’s on First is the 3rd book in the Blackford Oakes Mysteries, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.

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