The Miracle of Vinegar

Emma Marsden & Aggie Mackenzie [3 years ago]

The Miracle of Vinegar Book CoverInstant download The Miracle of Vinegar - Emma Marsden & Aggie Mackenzie Full (PDF, ePub, Mobi), 150 simple ways to use this amazing, low cost ingredient. Cleaning, cooking and everything in between!
Make delicious dips and marinadesSoften your towelsDo away with dandruffDescale your kettleDiscover sumptuous slow roastsTone greasy skinFreshen your beauty brushesCreate the perfect pavlova
Brimming with tips, tricks and recipes for everything from ferments to fresheners, salad dressings to skincare. Let this book show you the true miracle of vinegar.

Whisked along with the no-nonsense, tongue-in-cheek voice of Aggie MacKenzie, of How Clean Is Your House? fame, you’ll soon discover the hundreds of uses for vinegar beyond being scrumptious sprinkled over your fish and chips!

About the author

EMMA MARSDEN is a food writer and stylist who studied at Leiths School of Food & Wine. She was Cookery Editor at Good Housekeeping magazine and is a regular contributor to Harrods' magazine. She has written a number of books including Heart on a Plate, Fortnum & Mason's Afternoon Tea and Honey & Preserves, WeightWatchers' The Smart Cook and Sainsbury's Kitchen Know-How.

AGGIE MACKENZIE a co-presenter of cult TV show How Clean Is Your House, Aggie also fronted Storage Hoarders. She fastidious about cleaning and knows everything there is to know about no-fuss products and ingredients to use to keep a home clean. Aggie also writes a number of regular columns in national publications, including My Weekly, Delicious and Sainsbury’s magazine (on food and travel). Aggie also does two monthly phone-in Q&A sessions: one on the late-night Phil Williams Show on Radio 5 Live, one on the Ray D’Arcy Show on TodayFM in Dublin. Since turning 50, Aggie has taken up yoga, Pilates, running and cycling. She’s biked across Kenya in aid of Women Against Cancer, from London to Paris on behalf of Mind, and will be biking from London to Brighton this year for Macmillan.

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