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Necromunda: Rulebook Book CoverInstant download Necromunda: Rulebook - Games Workshop Full (PDF, ePub, Mobi), The Necromunda Rulebook is your complete guide to gang warfare in the underhive. Packed with rules, lore, art and content previously only available through Gang War supplements, this book is a must have for every player, providing an invaluable resource for everything from quick skirmishes to sprawling campaigns.

- A closer look at the lore of the Imperium of Man, the Hive Worlds that serve it and Necromunda itself, plus the timeline of this iconic world
- An overview of the rules looking at the general principles of the game, how Gang Fighters work and everything you need to learn to get started
- The full rules, exploring each phase of the game from movement to close combat
- Rules for a host of different game types - from one-off skirmishes and tournament play to sprawling Dominion campaigns
- A huge host of scenarios and guidelines for setting up your battlefield, with rules for both close-quarters Zone Mortalis games and using Sector Mechanicus terrain
- A set of powerful tools and rules for Arbitrators to construct their perfect campaign
- The full Skills list for Necromunda
- A quick reference sheet for checking out your key information at a glance

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Compiling both the previous Necromunda Rulebook, rules content from Necromunda supplements so far and the latest FAQs and Errata, this book is your essential companion to gaming- with it, and a copy of Gangs of the Underhive (available seperately), you’ll have all the rules you need to play. If you've always wanted to try Necromunda but never knew where to start, this is your gateway to gang warfare in the underhive.

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