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Food52 Your Do-Anything Kitchen Book CoverInstant download Food52 Your Do-Anything Kitchen - Editors of Food52 Full (PDF, ePub, Mobi), The ultimate guide to the kitchen from Food52--the award-winning kitchen and home destination--filled with ideas for creating, organizing, and enjoying everyone's favorite room in the house.

The first step to better, happier cooking? Setting up a tip-top kitchen. We're talking one that's stocked with essential tools and ingredients, organized so everything you need is close at hand, and sparkling-clean from floor to ceiling. Food52 is here to make it happen. Your Do-Anything Kitchen gathers the smartest ideas and savviest tricks from the Food52 community and test kitchen to help you transform your space into its very best self.

If you're ready for a top-to-bottom kitchen revamp, this handbook's got you covered--but it's packed with small-but-mighty upgrades, too. Stick with us, and you'll get to know which cooking tools are must-haves, discover new pantry staples for on-a-whim meals, and learn tons of tips to make your fridge (freezer, too!) work even harder for you. You'll find strategies for tidying storage-container clutter and arranging all your cooking gadgets--and while you're at it, maximizing precious drawer and counter space. Once you've gotten your kitchen in order, you can start cooking with a new spring in your step, thanks to a handy how-to on knife skills and a mini-guide to mise en place. A chapter chock-full of cleaning advice will keep your kitchen at its spiffiest.

Throughout, you'll get tours of real-life, super-functional home kitchens from cookbook authors, chefs, bakers, and more. Armed with a choose-your-own-adventure meal-prep planner, helpful charts on the art of speedy, streamlined dinners, and a game-changing cleaning checklist, you'll whiz through your routine like the efficiency expert you now are. So whether you're putting together your very first kitchen or looking to spruce up a well-loved space, Your Do-Anything Kitchen will turn it into the greatest-possible place to cook--and spend time.

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