Faking It in Alaska

Samanthe Beck [9 months ago]

Faking It in Alaska Book CoverInstant download Faking It in Alaska - Samanthe Beck Full (PDF, ePub, Mobi), Ambitious L.A. lawyer Isabelle Marcano would rather run a mile in her Manolos than fly off to rustic Captivity, Alaska. If she can just close this sale, she’ll finally be able to add her name to the firm’s letterhead. Even if it means taking a career detour to a place that doesn’t even have a Starbucks…and might just be the seventh level of hell.

Then Isabelle discovers that the town has something stronger on tap than caffeine: men. Lots and lots of men. Two single men to every single woman means that this assignment might just be the best thing in her sex life since the waterproof Rabbit. That is until her sexy client, Trace Shanahan, decides that in order to hide her real purpose, she’ll have to pose as his fiancée...

Now all Isabelle’s fantasies of hot Lumberjack Sex have completely imploded. But the more she learns about Trace and about why he’s selling, the more conflicted she becomes about the deal. Failure to close means losing the partnership she’s always wanted...but the bigger failure might just be kissing Trace goodbye.

Each book in the Captivity, Alaska series is STANDALONE:
*Faking it in Alaska
*Playing Dirty in Alaska

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